This is a resume of my last experience in Shanghái, China. I've been working for six months there, in a very prestigious studio, making 3D animation, but also, I've been living a lot of new stories. Here is a recap of some of that:
White Magnolia Plaza - New Building Presentation

This was the main reason I traveled so far away (By the way, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Almost the other side of the world). I've been working in a 5 minutes animation to be screened in the whole facade of White Magnolia Plaza, a 320 meters tall building, a little bit less than the Empire State and the fifth tallest building in Shanghai. The day of the event, all the people could see the video from the city skyline.
Here is a video of the animation in the building:
Tongji University Art Expo

I had the opportunity to show my works in one of the most important universities in Shanghai, with other different artists from around the world. Another amazing experience!
Hong Kong > Tokyo > Vietnam (Holidays)

For a photographer, nothing better than travel to amazing new places, to get new pictures everyday. And this is how my travel ended, with this great opportunity to know wonderful places.
PS: If you want to see (or buy) more of my photos, you can go to
And finally, this is an early render of an upcoming project that I'm working on, about this stunning city. 

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